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Crazy Purim at LGA

Fourth graders show off their Crazy Hats and Socks. At LGA, students got crazy with a Leap Day, Crazy Hair Day, Dr. Seuss Day, PJs Day, and Joke Day during Crazy Adar Weeks prior to Purim celebrations.

‘Crazy’ Purim at LGA

NORTHAMPTON The energy level was very high at LGA on Purim this year. The day began with the traditional sixth grade Purim Shpiel, and included an all school megillah reading, hamantaschen baking, a sandwich-making production throughout the grades, and a half hour parade through the streets of Northampton. The sandwiches were delivered to the Amherst Survival Center as part of the Purim tradition of Matanot L’evyonim (food gifts for the poor). Students also exchanged Mishloach Manot (food gifts to friends). At lunchtime, the “festive meal” included LGA’s annual latke vs. hamantaschen debate – this year, latkes won by a landslide!




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