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‘Super Jew’ Course for Teens

Hachai Hebrew High students learn about Sports and Judaism with Stu Green, Jewish
Community Center Director of Health and Physical Education. Pictured are Rabbi Yakov Wolff, Stu Green, Sasha Weissman, Mark Beznos, Ben Muhlmann and Gavriel Muellejans.

LONGMEADOW – In November and December local teens can participate in the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) Teen program “Super Jew – the Miracle of Jewish Survival.”  Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy’s (LYA) Hachai Hebrew High, in collaboration with the Springfield Jewish Community Center, is sponsoring this six-week course for Jewish teens.
The program to be held at the Springfield JCC, 1160 Dickinson St., on Monday nights from  6:30 – 8 p.m., began Nov. 5, but students can join in the middle of the session. Cost to attend including text books and refreshments is $65.
“After taking Super Jew: the Miracle of Jewish Survival, teens will be proud of their history and proud to be Jews living in the 21st Century,” explained Rabbi Yakov Wolff, director of Hachai Hebrew High School.
“SuperJew: the Miracle of Jewish Survival,” will touch on subjects that young Jewish high school students must ask themselves during their critical years of self-development as they prepare themselves for college, and then for the world at large. Participants will explore questions such as: Why is there still so much hatred for Jewish people? What is the cause of anti-Semitism and how do we fight it? What does it mean that Jews are the “chosen people,”—chosen for what?
Hachai Hebrew High School is open to all area Jewish teenagers regardless of synagogue affiliation. In the fall Hachai sponsored programs for teens featuring local Jewish leaders, including Springfield Police Officer Igor Besofsky, a graduate of LYA, and Stu Green, Springfield Jewish Community Center Director of Health and Physical Education, who focused on Sports and Judaism.
For more information about Hachai or to sign up for Super Jew, contact Rabbi Wolff at (413) 567-8665 or (413) 348-4978 or email at

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