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Penny Wars – The War Everyone Wins

Penny Wars Winners, LYA Fifth Grade hold a for $1,714 for Chabad Hurricane Relief for victims
of Hurricane Sandy. Back row left to right: Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky, Moshe Gesin, Shoshana Olkin, Devorah Leah Kulek, Bella Kimball and Mrs. Zolotor. Front row left to right:  Chana Wolvovsky, Nechama Sahler, Esther Muhlmann, Yossi Kosofsky and Shalom Tzvi Helfen.

LONGMEADOW – Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) was recently involved in “Penny Wars” a battle between grades to benefit all. LYA Middle School girls coordinated the school fundraiser to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. LYA students, toddlers through eighth grade, raised $1,714 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in ten days. Proceeds were donated through the Chabad Hurricane Relief Fund.
Each grade level had a container outside of their classroom in which students and staff placed pennies. The middle school students assigned themselves to assist younger students keep track of their donations. Posters advertising the fundraiser were designed by the middle school students.
“Penny Wars was a win-win for our school and the broader community,” said Dr. Mitchell Kupperman. “Having a fun competitive experience, where everyone enjoys the process and money is raised to help the Hurricane Sandy Victims is a ‘war’ worth having.”
The winning class, Fifth Grade, who ended Penny Wars with 10,301 positive penny points, will celebrate their accomplishments during a pizza party on Chanukah.

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