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Geography Bee Winners

Students from both Heritage Academy and Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) recently participated in the National Geographic Geography Bee.
Fourth grader Adam Greene won the Bee at Heritage Academy, and Moshe Gesin, a
sixth grader, won at LYA.

heritage geo beeTop left: Students at Heritage Academy in grades 4-8 competed in the
National Geographic Geography Bee. They were, from left to right, Nina Katz, Jack Mehlman, Jacob Goldman, Gillian Weissman, Levi Kofsky, Geography Bee winner Adam Greene,
Ilana Rapaport, Victor Weir, Gil Markman, and Stephanya Moran.

LYA geo beeBottom left: From left to right, Dr. Mitchell Kupperman, LYA educational director; Miss Rosaleen Lewis,
LYA Geography Bee coordinator and Middle School social studies teacher; 8th grade runner up Bryna Kosofsky; Geography Bee winner Moshe Gesin; LYA principal
Rabbi Noach Kosofsky; Geography Bee score keeper and 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Leslie Lute; Geography Bee time keeper and Middle School science teacher Mrs. Angela Courchesne.

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