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The Wexner Foundation Partners with the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts and Harold Grinspoon

SPRINGFIELD – The Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts is partnering with the Jewish Federations of Greater Hartford and New Haven to bring The Wexner Heritage Program to Western Massachusetts.
The Wexner Foundation was created in 1985 by Leslie Wexner, chairman and CEO of Limited Brands. The Wexner Heritage Program, a prestigious two-year program designed to develop and strengthen the skills of top Jewish communal leaders, has been conducted in 31 communities throughout North America and boasts more than 1,500 alumni who have gone on to become top leaders in their communities.
With a distinguished faculty of professors, rabbis, professionals and civic leaders, the Jerry Waldor Institute-Wexner Heritage Program will offer participants the opportunity to meet peers from a broad range of community institutions.
Funded by Harold Grinspoon, Western Massachusetts was able to have eight participants in a class of 21 representing the three communities. Hartford also has 8 and New Haven has 5.
The Wexner Foundation conducted a rigorous regional selection process to choose our local recipients. Federation is proud to announce the following people have been selected for the New England Wexner Heritage Program:
Michelle Anfang, Adina Elfant, Ben Falk, Seth Goodman, Dan Kates, Eric Kornblum, Amy Siege, and Amy

“It is truly an honor to have this highly prestigious program in our community,” commented Federation President Susan Firestone. “This could be a once in a lifetime for us and it is really great that our Federation is able to work in partnership to bring this here.”
The Wexner Heritage Program, with its 25-year track record of inspiring volunteer leaders in Jewish life to deepen their Jewish communal commitment, is a natural vehicle for strengthening current and future leadership in the local Jewish community. The two-year high-level Jewish learning and leadership program will deepen the Jewish knowledge and commitment of these specially-selected volunteer leaders, yielding a Jewish community with new collaborations, inspired visions, and renewed energy.

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