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LYA Kindergarten and First Grade Milestones

LYA siddur 27

Proud parents Jeffrey and Chaya Lemkin and their daughter Risha with her new siddur.

LYA students celebrated two important milestones at the end of January. LYA’s kindergarten celebrated the mastery of the entire Hebrew alphabet and the first grade was presented with their siddurim, or prayer books.

The Aleph Bet Party was attended by family, friends and LYA staff, who gathered together to be entertained by students dressed in original tie-dyed sponge-painted Aleph Bet shirts. Their performance included Hebrew Aleph Bet songs, recitation of the letters and an original play. A highlight of the party was smashing an Aleph Bet piñata full of treats.

LYA siddur15

Morah Rochel Leah Kosofsky hands out an aleph bet certificate to Gabriella Gesin.

During the first-grade siddur party, the students displayed proficiency in reading from the siddur and their enthusiasm for singing the prayers, and performed a skit in Hebrew. Rabbi Noach Kosofsky, LYA principal, presented each student with their siddur as a gift from the school. Parents and students then decorated cloth covers for their siddurim and wrote special words of blessings inside.


Kindergarten students performing a play about the aleph bet letters.

Left to right: Jenna Schmidt, Lily Dolt, Gabriella Gesin, Miriam Helfen, Rivka Kulek, Lena Cohen and Mendel Wolff.



Proud parents Jeffrey and Chaya Lemkin and their daughter, Risha, with her new siddur.


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