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Honoring Bonnie Luks

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Bonnie Luks, center, surrounded by past Federation presidents Peter Herman, Michael Sleeper, Rob Adler, Howard Fixler, and David Persky.

WORCESTER – On June 1, Marlene and David Persky and Carol and Michael Sleeper hosted a party in the Perskys’ home to honor Bonnie Luks, who is retiring after serving on the staff of the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts in Worcester for 42 years.

“We are celebrating her dedication and commitment to our community,” Marlene Persky said. “The celebration in honor of Bonnie was wonderful. So many past presidents and major donors were there. It was a bittersweet moment… Bonnie is beloved by all!”

In addition to most of the Federation’s major givers, seven past presidents of the Federation were in attendance to honor Bonnie: David Persky, Michael Sleeper, Rob Adler, Peter Herman, Howard Fixler, Mark Cutler, and Rob Honig.

CAP: From left, Michael and Carol Sleeper, Bonnie Luks, and Marlene and David Persky.

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