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Celebrating a Century

LONGMEADOW — Family, friends, and staff of JGS Lifecare’s Leavitt Family Jewish Home celebrated the 100th birthdays of three residents on May 25 in the nursing home’s Gloth Family Auditorium. Annette Chernick, Amelia Mazzoli, and Cyril Goldenberg were each presented with a birthday cake and a bouquet of roses.

Annette Chernick, born May 12, 1916 in Hartford, Conn., owned her own hair salon in downtown Hartford for many years, before meeting and marrying husband Chet, moving to Springfield, and having their two children, Barbara and Michael. Now widowed, she has four grandchildren. A resident of the Leavitt Family Jewish Home since October 2008, she says the secret to her long life is enjoying life as best you can, every day. (She says she also has a loving family and good genes.)

Amelia Mazzoli was born May 20, 1916 in the Indian Orchard neighborhood in Springfield, before her family moved to East Longmeadow when she was eight. She was married to “the love of her life” Gilbert for 65 years, before his passing in 2006 at the age of 94. Amelia enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom to son Thomas and daughter Shirley, but she also worked occasionally outside the home at Steiger’s Department Store and as a clothing inspector for Carter’s baby clothes. She has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She also has an 18-year old cat named Lily, who Amelia says “will live to be 100 like me.” She has lived at the home since Nov. 2014, and says the secret to her long life is always being good to people.

Cyril Goldenberg celebrated her milestone birthday on June 1. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Penn., she worked as an administrative assistant at the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center after graduating high school. She was introduced to her husband, Cyril or “Cy” by mutual friends because they had the same first name. They raised two children, Elizabeth and Joel, and were married for 52 years before he passed away. She has four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She has resided at the Leavitt Family Jewish Home since April 2010, and says the secret to her long life is living a good life.

CAP: Cyril Goldenberg, Annette Chernick and Amelia Mazzoli.

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