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Art Exhibit by slain Israeli soldier held at UN

Hadar Goldin was killed on Aug. 1, 2014 by Hamas terrorists, two hours after the United Nations had declared a ceasefire in the region. After his death, Hadar’s body was dragged into an underground tunnel in Gaza by Hamas militants who continue to hold his remains hostage. Hadar was not so much a casualty of the war in Gaza; instead, he became a victim of the cease-fire violated by Hamas.

From his life cut short, Hadar left behind an extensive artistic treasure. His artwork is comprised of a variety of sketches, paintings, drawings and writings which he completed throughout the years of his childhood and military service.

Danny Danon, Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, is behind the exhibit as an effort to bring about the return of Hadar’s remains with the hopes that his soul will finally find peace with his loved ones and comrades. The exhibit was shown recently at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The name for the exhibit is inspired by his research and planning of his final piece, misspelled “Final Peace” in his personal sketchbook.

Hadar’s story and personality portrayed through his artwork has captured the heart of people in Israel and all around the world. It was at the Shiva (traditional mourning period) that the director of a well-known art gallery in Ein Hod, Israel asked the Goldin family to create an exhibit of Hadar’s artwork. The exhibit was an enormous success in Israel with thousands of Israelis coming to view it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the exhibit and expressed his deep appreciation for Hadar’s work.

Hadar’s body may still be held captive by Hamas militants in Gaza, but his art speaks for him to all those who have the heart to feel its beauty and peace. The exhibit was curated by Elinor Milchan Barak.

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