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Shofar Factory brings Judaism to life



Students and parents at the LYA shofar factory.

Students at the Aleph Bet Hebrew School, an affiliate of LYA, recently participated in a shofar factory in anticipation of Rosh Hashana. “After seeing what goes in to producing a shofar, these students will be excited to hear the shofar in synagogue,” explained Lavy Kosofsky, who ran the factory. “It is a great opportunity to show children that Judaism can be meaningful and fun at the same time.”


Jen Steinberg assists her son Jed in making a shofar.

The factory began with an introduction to the mitzvah of the shofar. The students learned what makes a shofar kosher, which animal horns can be used for a shofar, and the reason why a shofar is blown on Rosh Hashana. Next, with the assistance of parents and teachers, they measured and sawed the end of their horns, and drilled through the horn to create a mouthpiece for the shofar. Finally, they tested their shofars by attempting to sound them. Each student ended the factory with a fully functioning shofar to bring home.




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