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You’re never too young to take action

Jed Steinberg and Nava Berezin proudly show the pillows they made for children at Shriners Hospital.

The November event of Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy’s (LYA) Kids in Action (KIA) Mitzvah Club was held at Cyr Arena in Forest Park. Fifteen children gathered and made pillows out of t-shirts for children who are patients at Shriners Hospital. First the children decorated t-shirts and then stuffed them into a fun pillow.

“It was so wonderful to see young children working hard on a project that would be given to other children,” said Bracha Kosofsky, KIA organizer. “There was a special energy at the program as everyone was giving of themselves.”

The group enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies, then went ice skating. In December, 20 members of Kids in Action baked delicious oatmeal and Chanukah cookies and presented them to Dean Godfrey and Todd Davis of the Longmeadow Fire Department to bring back to the station. The firefighters had a treat for the children as well – they parked a hook and ladder truck outside LYA. The children enjoyed going inside the truck and watching the ladder rise.

KIA’s events, for children aged 6 to 10 (grades 1-5) “allow children to socialize, give back to the community and make a difference in the world,” Kosofsky said.

KIA meets at LYA and is sponsored by Beis Medresh Lubavitch. For more information, call Bracha Kosofsky at (413) 567-8665 or email her at

CAP: Firefighters Dean Godfrey and Todd Davis accept a delicious gift of appreciation from the children for the Longmeadow Fire Department.

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