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Penny Wars are win-win!

A heavy bucket full of penny rolls on the last day of Penny Wars.

LONGMEADOW – Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy students – toddlers through eighth grade – raised $1,217.14 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in five days through LYA’s “Penny Wars.” Proceeds were donated to hurricane relief for Harvey and Irma.

The idea came from LYA’s fourth grade students, who were concerned about people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. With the help of their teacher, Ms. Snow, the students wrote a proposal to the administration requesting to conduct Penny Wars at LYA.

Besides raising money, Penny Wars was a fun competition where each class tried to collect the most penny points.  But there was a catch – while each penny earned one point, 5 points were deducted for each nickel, and 10 points for every dime, and so on. The winning class was the one with the most points. A class could raise lots of money, but lose Penny Wars because they lost points for coins other than pennies.

Students came into school with bags, wallets and knapsacks filled with coins and strategized about the best containers in which to place their coins to try to keep their class in the lead. Classes earned points by putting pennies in their own jars, but put quarters and dollars in jars of other classes to make them lose points!

While the fifth grade won with 7,080 positive penny points, the fourth grade, with the help of the LYA PTO, was able to send $1,400 to aid hurricane victims.

CAP: Fourth grade students counting pennies. Left to right: Sara Stein, Mendel Buckberg, Shaindel Gottleib, Tziporah Brickel, Menachie Helfen and Moussia Kravitsky.

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