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Sinai Temple groups support 50 Mile Marchers

Sinai Temple’s social action committee and JALSA fed the young marchers when they arrived in Springfield on Aug. 25.

Springfield – Members of Sinai Temple’s Social Action Committee and JALSA (Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action) showed their support for students who participated in the 50 Mile More March for Our Lives, seeking an end to gun violence. The young marchers spent four days walking from Worcester to Springfield, where they held a rally in front of the Smith & Wesson Corp.

The group from Sinai fed more than 30 marchers and adult supporters on Saturday evening, Aug. 25.

The protesters, who sought to meet with representatives of the gun manufacturer, had demands they wanted to present – they want Smith & Wesson to stop manufacturing assault weapons that are illegal for sale in Massachusetts and to give $5 million to a research fund dedicated to preventing gun violence.

On Saturday night, the students, from all over Massachusetts as well as Wisconsin and Florida, spoke to their hosts at Sinai about the march.

“They reflected on joy and hope, facing hostility along the route, sore feet, blisters, and painful ankles, listening to stories of gun violence, reflecting on those who had lost their lives, hope that Smith & Wesson would be part of the solution not part of the problem,” said David Morse, president of JALSA.

Members of JALSA and the social action committee also attended the rally in front of Smith & Wesson the next day, which was also attended by members of the Coalition Against Handgun Violence.

A counter protest also occurred during the rally in front of Smith & Wesson.

So far Smith & Wesson has had no response to this march and rally, nor to other rallies held near its headquarters.

CAP: 50 Mile Marchers and members of Sinai Temple had a discussion about the march, gun violence and what they hoped to achieve through their activism.

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