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Around the World Purim 

Shterna Cohen and Bassie Baron enjoy dressing up at LYA.

LYA minions Miriam and Zalman Kimball enjoy the Student Council Around the World Carnival.

LONGMEADOW – Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) sponsored a variety of Purim events for the community, including megillah readings; an Around the World Purim Carnival organized by the Student Council; and PTO and Kids in Action Mishloach Manot and a hamentashen bake-off. The holiday ended with Purim in a Shtetl in LYA’s auditorium.  Almost 140 participants enjoyed an all-you-can-eat Shtetl buffet and entertainment.

CAP: Rabbi Noach Kosofsky, LYA Director and his daughters, Chana, Bracha and Malky enjoy Purim in a Shtetl at LYA.

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