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The very model of a Model Matzah Bakery

Shaina Skoglund prepares to receive the flour in her bowl for mixing.

David Steinberg and his son, Derek, assist with the baking.

LONGMEADOW – Chabad Hebrew School and Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) offered two model matzah bakeries in preparation for Passover. More than 75 area children participated in the process of how matzah is made: threshing the wheat by hand, rubbing the wheat head in their palms, and separating the seeds. The seeds were then ground in a millstone grinder to make flour.

From the grinding process, the children went to the special flour and water booths. One baker stood in the middle of the booths with a bowl, ready for the ingredients to be poured into the mixing bowl. After the water and flour were poured, the timer was set. Once the flour and water touch the bakers had eighteen minutes to mix, knead, roll, shape and get their matzah into the special matzah oven.

Rabbi Lavy Kosofsky carefully baked the matzah for the bakers in a special oven that was heated to over 700 degrees. Hot matzah was ready to eat well before the eighteen minutes passed. Each participant walked away with a fresh matzah that they made.

CAP: Nava Berezin grinds flour at Chabad Hebrew School Model Matzah Bakery.

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