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Central Mass Chabad’s J-Fam is J-Fun

WORCESTER – Central Mass Chabad has started a new program called J-Fam: Jewish Fitness Art and Music.

The program, which runs after school Mondays through Thursdays. 

“Chabad picks up any Jewish child at public school within a 10-mile radius,” explained Chani Fogelman. “Upon arriving at Chabad they are served a healthy snack. College students then assist the children in completing their public school homework assignments. A short davening session, and then on to a special activity.”

Kids enjoy an art project at Central Mass Chabad.

On Monday, they participate in “Cooking in Hebrew” – cooking and baking while learning the Hebrew words.

On Tuesday, all during the school year, the program offers piano lessons taught by music teacher Sara Baitch.

Wednesday is fitness class. And on Thursdays, students work on art projects.

Following classes the kids head to the fully equipped game room. A full dinner is served at 5 p.m., offering chicken, nachos, franks, hot soup and salads and more. The children all wash and bentch. While they are eating a Jewish story is read to them about a tzadik, or  Jewish hero.

“The program goal is to give the children a good feeling about Judaism and expand their circle of Jewish friends,” Chani Fogelman said.

Main Photo: A student in Central Mass Chabad’s J-FAM program gets piano instruction from Sara Baitch.

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