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A call for help

Jonathan Newman is in dire need of a new kidney – and he and his family are praying he will find an altruistic donor to save his life. 

Newman, who is 38, has polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a genetic disorder that took the lives of his grandmother and great-grandmother. His mother received a kidney transplant at Yale University Hospital from a live donor six years ago. She is fine today, as is her brother, who received a transplant from a donor approximately 25 years ago.   

Since this is a genetic problem, and not due to an illness (e.g. diabetes),  a donated kidney will not be attacked, and is expected to last many years, if not the patient’s full life time. It is expected that once Jonathan receives a new kidney, he will be able to lead a normal life – and enjoy every moment with his wife as they raise their year-old son, who is PKD-free.

Jonathan is currently listed for transplant at Yale.   

For further information, please contact Jonathan Newman’s father, Edward Newman at enewman591@aol.com or (201) 265-2939.

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