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Life Lessons for Teens

LONGMEADOW – If a fire is consuming my neighbor’s house, do I need to help him? This and other provocative subjects will be broached at the JLI Teens course beginning Tuesday, Nov. 8  at the Jewish Community Center, 1160 Dickinson St.

Throughout the course’s six weeks, a group of high school students will sharpen their perspectives through examining relevant, real-life news stories, conducting impassioned mock debates, and making tough, critical decisions about their own lives. The goal of the course is to charge high school students to become more involved in their communities and hone their leadership skills. “It is an investment in your children’s future, guiding them to become responsible, capable, and moral people,” says Rabbi Yakov Wolff, co-director of the local JLI Teens chapter.

The JLI Teens course costs $54 which includes a text book and refreshments.  To sign up  for JLI Teens log onto www.LYA.org and click on Tough Decisions or email JLIteens @LYA.org.  Contact Rabbi Yakov Wolff at (413) 348-4978 for more information.


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