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LYA’s Flat Traveling Administrators

Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy’s Principal, Rabbi Noach Kosofsky and Educational Director Dr. Mitchell Kupperman magically traveled far and wide this summer as LYA students packed “Flat Rabbi Kosofsky and Dr. Kupperman” on all their exciting summer travels.
At the end of the 2012 school year, Gavriel Muellejans, an 8th Grade LYA graduate, illustrated the “Flat Rabbi Kosofsky and Flat Dr. Kupperman.” These likenesses were distributed on the last day of school. Students, staff and parents were encouraged to take their “flats” with them all summer long. Photos were emailed to LYA and then they were posted on the school’s blog and facebook page. Over 60 photos were submitted with the exciting adventures of the traveling administrators. To view all of the “Flats” log onto and click on the blog or find them on

“Flat Rabbi Kosofsky” is seen at the Washington Monument with Rochel Schwartz.

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