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Legacy Gifts Made by The Cooleys

Cooley Sidney and PudsieRecently, the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts (JFWM) and other local Jewish organizations were beneficiaries of gifts from Judge Sidney Cooley and his late, beloved wife Pudsie.  Some of these gifts were to complete Create a Jewish Legacy commitments made by the Cooley’s to local organizations, and others were new legacy gifts.

“I am doing this because it is important and others need to do so without being asked,” Judge Cooley explained. “It is the right thing to do as I have taken care of my children, and the community has been good to us. Pudsie and I talked it over before she passed. We felt a strong bond to the community and we are pleased to do what we can and wish it could be more.”

Judge Cooley’s father, Moses Louis, an immigrant from what is now Belarus instilled a strong sense of Jewish identity in his children. He taught them to have great reverence and respect for the law, and both of his sons became lawyers. He met Pudsie, who was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when he was in the  military. They were introduced by Pudsie’s aunt who met Sidney on a train and soon they were engaged. The couple was married  in 1946 upon his return from military service.

In 1945, Judge Cooley served in the Army’s 63rd infantry division at the end of World War in Bayreuth, Germany.  He helped to resettle Jews who were freed from concentration camps and put into displaced persons (DP) camps. Judge Cooley said that that was the most rewarding experience of his life and that if he never did another good thing, he would feel good about himself and proud.

Family. Community. Tradition. Legacy. These are all important to Sidney and Pudsie Cooley.

“There are many wonderful Jewish (and non-Jewish) organizations in our community and we are pleased to do something for the Jewish community,” Judge Cooley said. “We hope these gifts will provide a lasting legacy.” 

To learn more about making your own Create a Jewish Legacy gift(s) either during or after your lifetime, contact Scott Kaplan at (413) 732-9994 or at




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