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Brookline man searches for a kidney donor  

BROOKLINE – Time is growing short for Jeffrey Borenstein.

Borenstein, a longtime and active member of Temple Beth Zion in Brookline, Mass., is suffering from kidney failure. Although dialysis is keeping him in reasonably good health, Borenstein needs to find a kidney donor soon. Dialysis is not a cure, just a life support system with a limited time frame. Each passing day lessens the prospects of a long-term solution.

After going through the traditional channels – hospital lists, websites and word of mouth – he is ramping up his efforts and trying a new strategy that relies heavily on social media. Borenstein has launched a website,, and a Facebook page. With the help of a publicist, he is contacting the local newspapers and seeking radio and television interviews. He is hanging up posters around town and encouraging friends and family to do the same. He has registered with Renewal (, a nonprofit organization that assists Jewish people with kidney donations.

“It’s a very frustrating process,” says Borenstein, 68, who reads the Torah at services and is a member of several Temple Beth Zion committees. “People have come forward and volunteered to be donors but have not been a match for me, medically, so we go back to square one. I have tried family members and friends but they were disqualified for medical reasons or were unable to become donors.

“Just about every day I spend several hours searching websites, sending e-mails and making phone calls. I have had prospects but no one has made it to the finish line.”

He needs three dialysis treatments per week. Each session is four hours long and leaves him physically drained. At times, complications with the treatment have serious side effects and land him in the emergency room.

Missing even one session could have serious medical repercussions so he needs to stay close to his Newton home or make arrangements to have dialysis when he travels. Borenstein and his wife, Lilly, enjoy socializing, traveling and being outdoors but these events need to be carefully planned to allow for the next dialysis treatment.

At one time, Borenstein led an energetic lifestyle that included skiing and other outdoor activities but, in addition to his diminished vitality, he can no longer tolerate cold weather. With a transplant, he can reclaim his life and his passion for the outdoors.

“It really takes a special kind of person, and I am optimistic that someone is out there who wants to help me,” Borenstein says. “We’re all praying that this new campaign will help find that person.”

For additional information, see Borenstein can be reached at (508) 216-0617 or



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