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Sweet in Your Heart

photo 1 Tzedekah

Students in Morah Tali’s Hebrew class proudly display the baked goods they made to share with others. Photo by Tali Edry.

LONGMEADOW – Tali Edry, Judaic coordinator at Heritage Academy, was perusing Facebook when she read about a tzedekah project that really spoke to her. A lot like the movie “Pay it Forward,” Tali decided to spread the kind deed she read about on this social media site. Tali baked brownie-stuffed eggrolls to share with her colleagues and students at Heritage Academy. She shared the story of Gilad Shear’s, z”l, mom asking friends to bake something in memory of Gilad – who was an avid baker and cook – to inspire greater unity within the Jewish community. Gilad was one of the three teenagers, along with Eyal Yifrah and Nephtali Fraenkel, who were kidnapped and murdered last summer in Israel. The students in Morah Tali’s Hebrew class asked to take part in baking their own treats to share with others. Each student brought a box of cake or brownie mix, frosting, and decorations and baked in the Heritage Academy kosher kitchen during Hebrew class.

photo 2 Tzedekah

Nina Katz, 7th grader, frosting the sides of her bundt cake.

After school, these treats went home so that the students could share with others. Michelle Baranovski, Ilana Rapaport, and Yael Yaakobovich shared with neighbors, family and friends; Hadas Bromberg Setzer shared with her congregation; Victor Weir and Kayla Weiss shared with the rabbis from their synagogues; and Nina Katz shared with her teachers.


photo 3 Tzedekah.png

Jacob Goldman, Ilana Rapaport, Aylee Weiss, Sarah Kurbanov, Sofia Abdullina, and Kayla Weiss enjoying a brownie stuffed eggroll baked by Morah Tali.

Attached to all the treats was a card explaining the project “Sweet in Your Heart” and encouraging others to repeat the heart-felt act of kindness on behalf of Gilad.

Photos by Tali Edry

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