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Happy Anniversary Sam and Beverly Pava

Editor’s note: This piece was written by Bevery Pava of Springfield in 1975. “It was found while cleaning my desk on June 1, 2015, just 20 days before our 63rd anniversary,” she says. “I hope finding and sharing his anniversary gift to me in 1975 will please him. This year our gift was a memorable trip to Israel!”

Tucked into the lovely anniversary card from my husband, Sam, was a crisp $20 bill. After he left for work, his message resounded in my mind. “Happy anniversary and go shopping, buy something. And don’t spend it at the grocery!”

So quickly I finished my chores and was on my safari to Foxes. Solo! Mom was busy cooking for Shabbat and the boys were at school.

Once I pass through the swinging doors, the pocketbook counter temptingly catches my eye, with an array of styles, colors and fabrics. Each prettier than the next. I suppose I could use a new summer purse, but my kingdom for something new in jewelry!

As I walk by the “special” on the new light-to-dark sunglasses, the thought occurred, “Hmm, only $9.99.” So I try on a few pairs, either too big or too small. On to the sportswear department (I really don’t need another skirt, blouse, or anything.) Where’s the jewelry? My eye spots the display of Indian creations, really wild and high priced, I continue browsing.

Maybe I can find something in the shops on the mall. No luck, so tired and disappointed I head back to Foxes and the “Jewelry markdowns”. There it is! Waiting for me. A hand painted peacock pin to add to my collection. The price tag turned under. Did I dare look? Ready, set, go! You won’t believe! $10.00! Sold.

Clutching my $10 change and my newly acquired feathered friend, I danced out of the store. Too late to stop at PAYSAVER to see what goodies they had to offer. Perhaps another day. Anniversaries can last all year.

Better tuck the $10 deep into my wallet. If I stop to shop at the Crown Market, the rest of my gift may turn into a chicken or hamburger. Anyway, it was a happy 22nd anniversary!

CAP: Sam and Beverly Pava will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary on June 21. They are shown here, front row center, with their children: Daniel (front row left) and Bat Sheva Pava (front row right); and back row, left to right, Ann, Jeremy, Moses Pava and Vivian Newman.

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