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Penny Wars for Nepal

Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy in Longmeadow recently held Penny Wars, a battle between the grades to benefit all. LYA students, toddlers through eighth grade, raised almost $1,500 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in seven days. Proceeds were donated to Chabad of Nepal to benefit the earthquake victims.

When LYA students heard about the devastating earthquake in Nepal, they mobilized together to raise money for the victims of this massive destruction. Each grade level had a container outside their classroom in which students and staff placed pennies.


Second Grade students at LYA place larger denominations in the middle school container.  Left to right:  Nechama Gesin, Mendel Wolvovsky, Schneur Cohen, Mushka Gopin, Miriam Kimball, Abby Luzhanskiy and Moshe Lemkin. 

Every penny in a container was worth one point. Every coin that was not a penny caused points to be deducted. Each day enthusiastic students came into LYA with bags, wallets and knapsacks filled with coins. The 7th and 8th grade girls’ class ended up raising the most money for earthquake victims, but at the same time ended up with the least amount of points.  But that was really the way the class planned it.

“Together as a class, we thought about what would be considered a real win. As the oldest class we realized that the way to really win big was by raising the most money,” said 8th grader Mushka Wolvovsky.  The winning class ended up being LYA’s youngest students, the preschoolers, who ended Penny Wars with 9,951 positive penny points, and celebrated their accomplishments during a pizza party.

“The winners really were ALL the students and staff at LYA and most importantly, victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Penny Wars was spent in intense competition for a wonderful cause,” said Stephanie Zolotor, co-educational director. “The amount of positive energy that went on during Penny Wars cannot be measured. The students and staff synergized together to help people in need and that is what we call a win-win.”

CAP: LYA’s preschool winners with the check sent off to Nepal:  Back Row, left to right:  Shmarya Gesin, Chaim Cowen, Yosef Kravitsky, Sarah Schwartz, Rivkah Stein, Bassie Baron, Sruli Cohen, Nat Cohen.  Front Row, left to right:  Ben Stein, Sarah Wolvovsky and Meir Cohen.

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