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Radio Hosts for a Day

LYA 17

Moshe Gesin shows off NEPR’s extensive record collection. LYA students were amazed to discover that records are being used in 2015. 

Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) middle school students became radio talk show hosts and stars for a day while on a trip to New England Public Radio (NEPR) in Springfield. The trip is part of the middle school work on media literacy. The students met Martin Miller, NEPR CEO and General Manager, who explained how NEPR runs. Students enjoyed tours of NEPR’s new state of the art facility in Springfield, including the NEPR newsroom, studios, music library and technical operations room. Students learned about the station’s history and mission, and also met Jill Kaufman, an NEPR reporter and learned how the news is collected and reported. Students even viewed the extensive record collection that is still used at the radio station. A highlight of the tour was sitting in the studio and becoming talk show hosts.

CAP: 6th grade students, Moshe Skoglund and Shlomo Helfen, enjoy being guests on a talk show.

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