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LYA’s Class of 2016

It was an evening of inspiration, harmony and milestones that embodied the spirit and education at Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) graduation on June 15. The graduates reflected on their years at LYA using the theme of unity.

“Unity is strength, unity is success, and unity is courage,” said Chana Wolvovsky. “Whether in the LYA classroom, at recess, or at lunch, unity is a fundamental ingredient for productive learning and healthy friendships.”

This year’s class presented an original hand-painted gift to Rabbi Noach Kosofsky, LYA principal.

LYA graduates will be matriculating into various high schools including Beth Rivkah and Bnos Menachem in New York, Hebrew High School of New England, Longmeadow High School and Yeshiva of New Haven.

CAP: The LYA Graduating Class of 2016, from left to right, Chana Wolvovsky, Chumi Sahler, Janet Anderson, Esther Muhlmann, Bella Kimball, Shoshana Olkin, Devora Leah Kulek, Menashe Fenster, Yossi Kosofsky, Shalom Tzvi Helfen and Moshe Gesin. 

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