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Mega Challah Bake


Marianne Kornblum and Paulette Kofsky mix their dough.


Bracha Kosofsky leads the crowd in the challah making process and shows what the finished product should look like.


Nora Cuch proudly shows her finished product.

More than 60 women of all ages gathered together for the first Mega Challah Bake in Greater Springfield held on Sept. 22. Bracha Kosofsky walked the group through the process of making and kneading challah step by step. Before adding each ingredient, she explained the spiritual significance of all the ingredients and how to incorporate these ideas into the participants’ lives. While the dough was rising, Esther Kosofsky shared inspirational words of Torah about the mitzvah of challah and how it is performed. She encouraged women to continue to make challah at home, so that it may become a cherished mitzvah. “Jewish women gathered for an evening of unity and inspiration,” said Chanie Cohen, Mega Challah Bake coordinator. “Each participant left with a sense of unity that is felt through sharing in this special mitzvah of baking challah.”



Nancy Squires leads the group in the special blessingover the challah with Esther Kosofsky.




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