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Hooked on Reading at LYA


Rivka Stein reads a story to Idon Epstein.

First graders can’t get enough of reading at Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA).

LYA purchased a fiction-focused collection of leveled texts from Scholastic’s Guided Reading Program in the spring of 2015. The books are leveled using the Fountas and Pinnell’s leveling system. This comprehensive system provides a continuum that systematically matches students’ instruction with their independent reading abilities.

“Purchasing this curriculum has enhanced the reading program at LYA,” said Stephanie Zolotor, LYA co-educational director. “Having multiple copies of reading material at specific instructional levels allows the staff to adapt to the needs of the individual student.”

The school is dedicated to enhancing the program and is looking forward to continuing to meet the needs of the students with the ordering of the non-fiction collection of the leveled texts.

First grade teacher Emily Snow enjoys being able to offer differentiated instruction to her students in a natural environment.

“The guided reading books allow my students to progress individually at their own level and view their own progress as they work on speed and fluency,” remarked Snow. “The first grade students are enjoying their guided reading stories and are doing so well that many of them are reading at accelerated levels for their grade level expectations.”

In order to allow the students to showcase their new reading abilities, Snow arranged for them to share their reading skills with the preschool. The first-graders completed round-robin reading, as the students of pre-school rotated to hear a story from each first-grader.

“It is hard to tell who was happier, first-graders or the pre-school students,” remarked Snow on the experience.

“I felt good reading to the preschool children,” remarked first grader Leibel Gottleib. “I felt like a leader as I was reading.”

“I felt good when I was reading to my partners, because when I read the funny parts they laughed,” said first grader Bassie Baron.

CAP: Shmuel Gottleib enjoys a story read by 1st grader Chaim Cowen.

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