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Clara Gould Gurwitz turns 100

Clara Gurwitz, a former resident of Worcester, has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Clara was born in Russia, the daughter of Fanny and Gerson Goldovsky. Her father died of Typhoid fever just before their journey to America, which took four years due to quotas. They spent most of that time waiting in Turkey. She was seven years old when they arrived in America, sponsored by family members in Worcester. The family changed its name from Goldovsky to Gould. Some members of Clara’s family still live in Worcester.

In 1939, she married Milton Gurwitz of Ware, Mass. and they moved to Utica, New York before settling in Woonsocket, R.I in 1954. Milton died in 1989, and Clara now lives part of the year in Woonsocket and part of the year in Boynton Beach, Fla. At 100, she still attends exercise classes at the local JCC six days a week and attributes that to her long life. She has three children, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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