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Brilliant Behavior at LYA

First Grade student Ya’ara Kavitsky receives recognition for being Leader of the Month for her class and is complimented for her brilliant behavior.

Mendel Wolff assists kindergarten student Mendel Kosofsky with illustrations that earned him a Brilliant Behavior card.

LONGMEADOW — Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) is celebrating its 75th diamond anniversary year. Each year LYA implements a charter building initiative that encourages students to work on themselves and use their leadership skills to help others. In honor of the 75th milestone LYA’s 2019-20 character trait program is connected to this special year.

When a student at LYA is caught doing something positive for others and going above and beyond what is expected, they are rewarded with a Brilliant Behavior ticket. Each ticket then goes into a special bag in each classroom. Every time a class reaches 75 tickets they receive a special treat, recognition and a diamond that is placed on a special bulletin board. Students in preschool through 8th grade are excitedly counting tickets.

The character trait program was unveiled to the school in September by the 6th grade class, which has taken a leadership role to organize this character trait initiative for the school.







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