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Flowers of Kindness

LONGMEADOW — It’s been a very tough time for everyone forced to stay home through the Covid-19 crisis, especially the elderly and homebound.

So Faigie Wolff, the wife of Rabbi Yakov Wolff and early childhood teacher at Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy, thought, what better way to cheer up a senior or someone who can’t leave their house than to receive “Flowers of Kindness?”

Faigie partnered with Flowers, Flowers in Springfield to provide beautiful bouquets of flowers to people in the Springfield and Longmeadow area. People can sponsor a bouquet for someone they think would benefit from the lovely gift for $16, which covers the cost of the bouquet.

So far, Faigie and her crew have delivered two-dozen bouquets and received many happy and grateful responses.  Those who want to do more can volunteer to deliver flowers to recipients. 

To cheer up a lonely senior or homebound person in town, you can send their name and address to (Springfield, Longmeadow area only) or call/text 413-348-3042.

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