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Outdoor adventures at LYA

LONGMEADOW – A sure sign of fall is falling leaves and for Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy’s preschoolers, fallen leaves are a sign of adventure.

Pre-3 friends went on a leaf hunt with their teacher Ms. Kier, armed with an empty plastic bucket and wide smiles they embarked on a leaf adventure that began in the classroom, where they talked about where leaves grow and what makes them fall off of the trees.

Older students are also spending lot of time outside learning in outdoor pavilions.

Ben Adelstein dressed up as a Golden Age of Spain Personality.

Inside, LYA’s middle school students studied the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry, which began in 711 and lasted for 400 years under Muslim rule. In addition to being a time of peace, it was a time period where many great Jewish poets, doctors and philosophers flourished – like Shmuel Hanagid, Yehudah Halevi and Rambam (Maimonides). Students were challenged to dress up as Jew living in Spain and present a glimpse to their life. Each student created an interactive google slide that was used as a backdrop for their presentation.

Main Photo: Preschool students on a leaf hunt.

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