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Historic Holocaust survivor lists digitized and reprinted 

SOUTH DEERFIELD – The Survivor Book, hundreds of pages with the names of Holocaust survivors relocated to displaced persons camps in Austria and Germany after World War II have been reprinted and digitized, a project coordinated by Ken Schoen of Schoen Books in South Hadley.

Schoen purchased five bound volumes of survivor names among duplicate and withdrawn books that he found buried in a university library six years ago.

“It was a project that seemed daunting for a long time and then quite possible with the help of Collective Copy and Special Collections at UMass,” Schoen said. “I knew that one day I would make the document available to the survivor families.”

The volumes had been published by the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in Bavaria, (Edited by Abraham Klausner), Munich, June-August 1945. The volumes of names were originally published in 1945 by the United States government to aid survivors in reaching  family members around the world. 

After acquiring the volumes, Schoen enlisted Randy Zucco at Collective Copies in Florence, who painstakingly printed the fragile 75-year-old pieces of paper. The completed book contains five volumes with different forwards, bound as one.

Schoen also worked with Aaron Rubinstein, head of special collections at UMass Amherst, who digitized the book while Tyler Brandt of chaosindivide.com was responsible for all the web work.

Having the lists in one readily available collection, Schoen said, will enhance access for families of survivors, genealogists and researchers.

For more than 30 years Schoen Books has supplied scholars and research libraries with scholarly out-of-print books and reprints in Judaica and on the Shoah. 

A link to the digitized searchable version of the five volumes can be found at  https://credo.library.umass.edu/view/full/murb000-schoen-dig-i001. For more information and to purchase copies of the Survivor Books go to www.schoenbooks.com and click on reprints.

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