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Central Mass. partners with JCC North Shore for 8th Annual International Jewish Film Festival

CENTRAL MASS. – This year the Central Mass International Jewish Film Festival has partnered with the JCC North Shore’s 8th Annual International Jewish Film Festival. The virtual film festival brings film selections directly into the homes of ticket-purchasers. Following the allotted time frame for each film’s viewing, the festival will offer live Zoom discussions with filmmakers, actors and directors in Q&A sessions.

The following films will be shown through April 25:



An Irrepressible Woman: Teenager Janot Reichenbach fell in love with French-Jewish socialist three-time Prime Minister Leon Blum, however difficult life circumstances kept them from marrying.



Code Name Ayalon: Recounts the 1947 construction of The Ayalon Institute, a secret ammunition factory built by youth from the Haganah (Jewish underground military) that was made to fool the British into thinking it was a kibbutz during the British Mandate.



They Aint Ready for Me: A force to be reckoned with, African-American rabbinical student, Tamar Manasseh, hits the streets in a grassroots effort to curb the senseless killings on the south side of Chicago.



Here We Are: Devoted father, Aharon, has dedicated his life to raising his autistic son, Uri.  The father-son duo live in peace, away form the real world, but as Uri becomes a young adult, Aharon recognizes that it might be time for him to live in a specialized home.



Winter Journey: In his final screen role, Bruno Ganz blends reenactments and archival materials to relate a Jewish-German couple’s poignant pre-WWII romance.



The Crossing: The Crossing tells the story of the adventurous 10-year-old Gerda and her brother Otto, whose parents are in the Norwegian resistance movement
during the Second
World War.


This year, the JCCNS is utilizing Eventive as its box office and virtual screening platform. Accessible from JCCNS.ORG, the site allows ticket purchasers access to purchase individual tickets or ticket series; to watch the featured films; and join discussions to further explore the films topics with others in the community. Instructions are available for all methods of viewing, including watching on your smart TV or through a streaming device. 

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time, or when you are ready to watch; Ticket holders will have 48 hours to complete viewing the films within a 72-hour window. Due to arrangements with the film distributors, films may only be viewed in Massachusetts.

For complete film information, ticket pricing, and dates, visit JCCNS.org or contact Nancy Greenberg at ngreenberg@worcesterjcc.org.

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