Warsaw Jewish community buries remains of unidentified Holocaust victim

(JNS) Warsaw’s Jewish community buried the remains of an unidentified Holocaust victim on Tuesday, Sept. 14, found in a building that was once part of the Warsaw Ghetto. “We are here as the family for a person we don’t know,” said Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich, according to the AP. The bones were wrapped in a white cloth and carried on a wooden cart to the grave in Warsaw’s Jewish Cemetery.

Leslaw Piszewski, chairman of the Jewish Community in Warsaw, said according to the report, “after nearly 80 years, this unknown person got his dignity back. This is very important. This is the only thing that we can do for the unknown victim.” The human bones were found in a basement, thought to have resulted from a Jew hiding from German forces that destroyed the area during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

Main Photo: Powązki Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw, Oct. 25, 2012. Credit: Jolanta Dyr via Wikimedia Commons.

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